Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Last Resort

            Welcome to the final chapter of Surviving God. After almost 5 years, it is time for me to jump forward and expand my tiny universe into something much more inclusive. No more confines. No more restrictions. Rather than a focus on one area of thinking, it's time to reach for much more than I have in the last few years. If God is in everything, if there really is something there, then I must venture past it. I will not be ruled by the damage done. I cannot worship an anthropomorphic entity. It appears that I have survived. I have moved on. I must lucubrate my intent. I must examine the rest, if that is possible to do. Such a big world and so many issues, so many ideas that come with it. The past will see me threw it. With this survivor's guide to direct me, I will use any forward motion to do much more than endure.

"Falling in over my head
Caught out, out of my depth
Trying to find my way, I am lost
So I'm running around in circles through it all
Close, close my eyes
Sleep, sleep tonight
Adrift upon your ocean, I can hide
No more running around in circles for a while
Will you catch me when I fall?
Will you save me from it all?
Will you lay me down in golden like a doll?
And be my sunshine through the night
Be my hope when all is gone
Be my soldier while I try to fight on
Will you keep on loving me through it all?
Will you be there to catch me when I fall?"
(Catch Me When I Fall, The Corrs 2015)